WHERE (are these contributions coming from?)

As if today, August 31st, I have approximately 16 CONTRIBUTORS to the Someone Else's Clothes Project*. You can see where they come from in the picture above or at ZeeMaps. Or maybe you prefer a text: Newport, Or. Boulder, CO. Ann Arbor, MI. Branford, CT. Boston, MA. Great Barrington, MA. New York, NY. San Francisco, CA. … Continue reading WHERE (are these contributions coming from?)


Someone Else’s Clothes in a Nutshell

Someone Else's Clothes is an interpersonal social experiment officially launching in September, 2016. Becky, our protagonist, will wear ONLY other people's clothing for a month. Throughout this project, she will write extensively on the nature of clothing sizes, the function of clothing, if "personal style" is a form of self expression, whether "fashion is pain," … Continue reading Someone Else’s Clothes in a Nutshell