Day 31 – Oct 1: TOO MUCH

Hello! Yesterday was a day of drag for me. I wore THREE LOOKS because, well, you’ll see.

Look 1

Newsies Look

Okay, ignoring the fact I look totally awkward and 13 in this picture, let’s talk about the clothes:

Joe: Hat
Sadie: Capped sleeve shirt
Matt: Pants

This is my boy drag newsies look. I rarely asked people to lend me items (remember, these items are lended- I keep talking to people who somehow miss that!) in particular, but when I saw this hat in Joe’s apartment I thought it would be a great thing to borrow. Julia commented that it had a sort of newsies look on me and it was serendipity when I got these pants from Matt to fit the look.

Now, what does a newspaper boy do? They try to sell newspapers! They promote. Put a pin on that as I move onto:



Look 2

The GhouliaJoe! The Joulia! This is a combination of Joe & Julia’s clothing. The shirt and tie are Joe’s and the miniskirt is Julia’s. I met the pair and some people for Thai food. Basically, I thought it would be funny to transform into this amalgamation part-way through the meal. Amusement is the inspiration for a lot during this project.

Now…back to my Newsies look. Since I was wearing the outfit, I thought I should be promoting something. So, I made a bunch of flyers for my drag persona, RAINBOW FISH, appearing later in the night. Each flyer was artisan- crafted by yours truly.


Yay drawings! Yay crayons! Yay incorrect depictions of rainbows! Barracuda is the name of the bar I intended to go to, and also a type of fish (for those of you not in the know about gay/drag bars and/or fish). I had 10 flyers (I cut the papers above into 10 slips) and I wanted to hand out 9 of them (I figured I’d keep one). During the course of the day, there was much confusion about what I was doing. I got hit on by some people (apparently wearing a cool hat that people can comment on and making eye contact can lead to the flirting thing ((it was a girl and a bro so not really my type, nosy people *glare*)), and a foreign couple thought I was soliciting $ for my incredible drawings (an understandable misconception).


Look 3

Did I mention if spend my pastime wearing weird stuff? Okay-

Julia: 1 Sleeve Dress & Net
Matt: Captain’s Jacket & Fish Mask
Me: Awesome fish necklace from Goodwill

This was my drag look, RAINBOW FISH, the American cousin of SovietFish (@SovietFish).

For context, me and Soviet Fish (aka @SovietFish aka Matt) hung out at a PWR BTTM show last Halloween, where she saved the night during a technical difficulty intermission*.

In Soviet Russia, FISH SERVE YOU!!!! With Clark Kent around, apparently.

*Matt, I know that’s not exactly 100% what happened, but we’re rewriting history on the internet here, okay?! Go with it! No one will know! Although that kind of is what happened.

Julia asked me what makes RAINBOW FISH drag and I was like, basically, it’s the blood relation and endowed spirit of Soviet Fish in the mask. More or less. Wibbly Wobbly.

So, I was all set to go to Barracuda later in the night & I did go (people who flirted with me said they would stop by maybe, but I also couldn’t tell them exactly when I was going). The problem, which I didn’t realize because I hadn’t been to Barracuda before is that it is a tiny bar where guys mostly go to mingle rather than dance. Mostly, I stood in a corner and people watched. RAINBOW FISH, like Becky, is kind of shy when it comes to making a scene in front of strangers (an unfortunate quality for one with a fish mask). So, I was too embarrassed to put the mask on in there- I felt so awkward! (You can give me flack for that, I guess, but I suggest you don’t in order to earn good-human-being points for the day). Next, I went to G Lounge (which was in walking distance). This bar was much more of what I had in mind. It was a small dance club, & there were drag queens there! The problem was…it was relatively empty. So while I said hello to one of the queens rocking shoes that would make my feet explode (seriously, they were like 5 inches high) and showed them my outfit, I also didn’t really dance there/wear the mask and sat on the sofa. I know! Not exciting. I hoped doing drag I would have the sense of putting on another persona, but that didn’t really happen for me. Truthfully, talking to strangers and having a conversation with them is a social achievement for me. Between being a newsie and a Fish Queen, I did that about 5ish times? At about 1am, I called it a night.

There you have it! Three drag looks in 1 day! The second to last day of wearing Someone Else’s Clothes! Bizarre city interactions mishaps. Until next time, have a good night!


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