Day 32 – Oct 2. LAST DAY…or is it???

Hello! I need to go to sleep, but I have to post about the last day of wearing Someone Else’s Clothes. This project was fascinating for me on so many levels. Anyone who hung out with me for the past 2 months will say I was talking about it all the time. It was invigorating to have a project with so much potential for possibilities & which called on me to be creative. It was exciting to be excited about getting dressed. It was also a lot of work to post daily content. This project helped me get out and try new things (wear crop tops, talk to strangers, create mini photo shoots, hang outside more) but it was also a burden to have to post so regularly.

Here’s what I wore on the last day:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hooded Black dress belongs to Izzy. I’m on a basketball court to show how street I look (one can imagine the craziest things with photography).

I love this dress. It’s super cool. Wearing a hooded dress with a backwards baseball cap is absurdly superfluous, and thus FASHION.

But back to the end of this project. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! Thank you so much to everyone who supported! I will give people their clothes back! I learned all sorts of things this month about clothing, fashion, & myself-I don’t think I can fit them all in this post. So I’m not going to.

Instead, I’m going to continue Someone Else’s Clothes, not by wearing other people’s clothing, but by writing blog posts about the nature of clothing sizes, the function of clothing, if “personal style” is a form of self expression, whether “fashion is pain,” bodies, how expression changes when clothing is borrowed, how clothing can carry the legacy of its owners, family & clothing, and reflections on how we judge each other based on appearance. I will also be writing about a bunch of other stuff! When I first came up with this Project, I thought I would be able to write such articles every 2-3 days (ha! haha! hahahahahhahahhahahaha


Even though I am a little sad to stop posting daily Day Looks, I am glad that I will have the time to write. I hope you will keep reading. I’ll try to throw in a few pictures for you. I could try to think of something else, but I really need to go to sleep.

Have a good night! Until next time!



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